mastering studio

Determined By Three Factors

  • The Scenario: Does a specific day and time need to be booked in the mastering studio?
  • The Timeline: When do you need the final master in hand? We have very fast turn-around times for rush projects.
  • The Specifics: Is the project an Album, EP, single, Vinyl, Online Release Only? Are there extra versions or instrumentals, etc?

Scheduled vs. Unscheduled


  • This rate is used when a specific date and time are reserved in order to meet a deadline and/or for predictability.
  • Reference WAVs, or a CD reference will go out the same day, or be handed over if you are attending.


  • Mastering work is completed as time permits.
  • Turnaround times are generally 3-4 days for singles, 1 week for EPs, 1-3 weeks for an album.
  • All mastering and production are completed by our Senior Mastering Engineer, ensuring the highest level of quality control.