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Our new mastering studio in Phoenix has been featured in Mix Magazine. Read about it here

Vault Mastering Studios

Phoenix, Arizona

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Vault Mastering Studios, specializes in mastering for hi-res, online release, CD, film, audio restoration, and vinyl mastering.

The need for mastering is universal. For nearly 15 years, Vault Mastering Studios has been the primary mastering lab for artists, mixing engineers, and record labels seeking a high performance mastering experience.

Our service rides on its reputation of superior results and a personal, individualized approach to your music. VMS combines this world class mastering experience with affordable rates to produce masters that stand the test of time and whose techniques are consistently acknowledged by the industry as some of the best in the field.

mastering studio new york
We're also one of the only Certified Mastered for iTunes providers in the state and are able to deliver high resolution iTunes masters to our clients when needed.

mastering studio new york

Service Features

High End Analog Mastering for High Resolution Release, iTunes, Audio CD, Online Distribution and Vinyl.

Competitive Mastering Rates for all projects & Quick Turnaround Times

Analog Mastering Equipment selected and modified for optimal results.

15 years of experience mastering for our clients, including independent artists and bands, recording and mixing engineers, major labels, symphony orchestras, commercials, films, audiobooks, and government agencies.

Acoustically designed and refined by the famed Walters-Storyk Design Group. You can read more about it by visiting the WSGD website.

Formerly in New York, we've recently relocated the mastering studio to our original home, Phoenix Arizona.

Recording Academy MasteringNathan James is a proud voting member of The Recording Academy and a member of the Producers and Engineers Wing.